Teknia Uhersky Brod, plc.: We are a dynamic company which develops, produces and supplies precise technical mouldings made by injection. We produce goods for renowned domestic and foreign customers in the field of car industry. Range of products which we offer is large. It includes lighting parts and sets, interior components, such as airbag covers, dashboard components and other technical components.

History of Teknia Uhersky Brod, plc.

History of Teknia Uhersky Brod, plc. dates back to 1992, when the predecessor of our company – KASTEK, public limited company – was established. The activities of KASTEK company focused on production of plastic shoemaker’s components.

In 1993 the company changed its legal form and it was registered in the Commercial Register as a limited liability company. A year after it was established, in 1993, the company expanded the range of products and started producing technical mouldings.

In 1998 production of technical mouldings moved to a new production facility in Rybářská street in Uhersky Brod. This production facility in Rybářská street has been the company site up to the present.

Shoemaker’s part of the production was completely separated from the production of technical mouldings in 1999.

The year 2003 was a significant one for the company. New hall for surface finishes and assemblies was opened and the operation was launched. Technologies in production were expanded, as well as supplies and production of the company on the market.

Other important events happened in 2006. First of them was a change of legal form to joint-stock company. The second one, which happened also in 2006, was a change of the owner and a new trade name – Iberofon CZ.

Another change of the owner happened in 2008, when the company became a part of corporation called Teknia Manufacturing Group. The owner of the company was a Spanish company called Teknia Group. The company thus became a part of plastic division which has been active on four world continents. It has its production plants, except for the Czech Republic, in Spain, Poland, Morocco, Brazil and Mexico.

Since 2011 the company has been operating under the trade name Teknia Uhersky Brod.

We use top-class technological equipment, such as injection machines and equipment for surface finishes of mouldings, in our production. Currently it has 285 employees and it rates among the most important employers in the region.

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