Surface Finishes

Before varnishing we prepare the parts by the means of a method called fluoridation. During this method surface tension is activated by the mixture of fluorine gases. The result is lower surface tension which leads to much higher adhesion of colours to plastic mouldings. Moreover, fluoridation unlike other technologies almost does not damage the environment.

We carry out surface finishes by varnishing:
- in automatic painting shop with 6-axes robot by Fanuc company for high volume orders,
- on horizontal painting line,
- in manual painting shop for low volume orders.

Our painting line enables the work with colours which are water dilutable and with colours on the basis of synthetic solvents.

Plating of plastics is another technology of surface finish which we use in production process. We use a method of vacuum steaming of metals for plating. Very thin layer of metal is applied in high vacuum. Applied layer of metal precisely copy product´s surface. We use aluminium for this process. By using plating we achieve not only effective metal design, but also better mechanical properties.

We use a method of tamponprint for precise print of the finest details. We perform tamponprint by means of the machine called V-130 Duo. High accuracy of print is ensured by two tampons for one central position. Thanks to this we are able to achieve perfect quality of print. Movement of tampon to the shape of the letter "V" facilitates transfer and print of the motive. This system enables us to meet basically any requirements of our customers.

Hot stamping
Hot stamping serves to decoratively improve plastic mouldings. It is a modern technology which is characterized by high quality and durableness of finished products. This method is used for complicated decorations of plastic mouldings. Hot stamping is performed on the device called Geba 32/SV.

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