Technologies and Production Facilities

We provide our customers with broad service while producing technical plastic mouldings which includes processes, such as plastic injection, surface finishes of plastics and assemblies of subassemblies. In 2011 we extended our production and opened a new production area in Nivnice. This new production hall has been used as a press shop for plastics and central storehouse. At the end of the year 2014 we extended existing production area in Nivnice by a new production and storage area. We increased the capacity for surface finishes. Thanks to the new production area we are able to provide our customers with higher production capacity in the field of highly demanded specific surface finishes. New production hall in Nivnice has now more than twenty injection machines. In 2014 a renovation of production hall of press shop in Uhersky Brod took place. Modernized hall in Uhersky Brod provides space for so called clean operation.

Our aim is to continue developing existing technologies to be even better and more complex and meeting our customers“ requirements. Nowadays we are working on the internal project called“Rapid Heat and Cooling System”, so called high gloss, which means varnishing by means of highly glossy colours. Further, we prepare launching the production on a new automatic varnishing line, where we plan to introduce adjustment of components before varnishing using carbon dioxide.

Our customers